Common Mistakes Made By Those Facing License Suspension

sheriffAt Mann Dulaney, LLC, we find that many licensed professionals don't understand that the Professional Licensing Boards are not their lawyer, or, at times, even their friend. Professional licensing board are state agencies that are, in effect, the police, the judge and the jury in professional licensing board cases. The Board's job is not to represent your interests or to be on your side. By way of contrast, your lawyer's job is to advocate on your behalf, to represent your legal interests and to be on your side.

Many licensed professionals wait, and don't seek assistance from an experienced lawyer until "things get really bad." Our advice is this: The best protection in a professional licensing board matter is early protection. We strongly suggest that you consult with, and consider hiring, an experienced lawyer as soon as realistically possible. Only your lawyer will put your legal interests first, and work to protect your administrative, statutory, constitutional and other legal rights. We believe that a good lawyer should do everything that is legal and sensible to fight for you, the client.

The Best Protection In A Professional Licensing Board Matter Is Early Protection

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A Word Of Caution About Lawyer Advertising

We believe that you should never hire a lawyer based solely on the lawyer's advertising, or on the lawyer's self-proclaimed expertise. Before you hire a lawyer, we suggest that you ask the lawyer about his or her education, training and experience, and about his or her background and experience regarding cases like yours.