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The truth about addiction in the medical community

The medical community recognizes addiction as a disease. It's not just a choice. It is a complex disorder involving both the mind and the body. It needs treatment.

This is why some court systems have special drug programs for low-level offenders who deal with addiction. If they get treatment for that addiction, they can sometimes avoid jail time and other serious consequences. The court recognizes that they have bigger issues and that curing them will do more to help them follow the law than penalizing them.

Protect yourself as you defend your medical license

Should you face the difficult task of defending your medical license, you must consider your strategies very carefully. If you do not navigate this issue well, you may forfeit your right to practice, and this may derail your entire career.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand how to interact with a review board properly, and cause themselves a great deal of difficulty. In some cases, a poor response to allegations that threaten a medical license can close the door on a case where a medical professional might have otherwise successfully defended their license and kept practicing.

8 ways you could lose that professional license

Your license is everything. It's your career. It's your income. It's the support system for your family. It defines everything you've worked for over the last decade.

The last thing you want is to see all of that stripped away. However, this happens far more often than people realize. Below are eight of the top ways that medical professionals like yourself can lose a license.

Social media tips for health care professionals

Social media is an easy way to connect with friends and escape from reality for a few moments. However, as a health care professional, you know that you have to take extra caution not to let the personally sensitive nature of your career spill onto social media. If you post something that crosses the line of confidentiality, it can be hard to remove the information from the public sphere. How can health care professionals protect themselves online?

Although Facebook has been around for more than a decade, social media is still an emerging platform. As of 2014, 90 percent of physicians used social media for personal reasons, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Common misconceptions about the State Medical Board of Ohio

For a medical professional who wants to practice medicine in the state of Ohio, approval and licensure by the State Medical Board of Ohio is absolutely necessary. Without an appropriate license, medical practitioners cannot legally practice medicine for patients, no matter the practitioner's skill level or competence.

Unfortunately, many medical professionals do not completely understand the purpose and role of the State Medical Board and their misunderstandings can cost them their careers. Having a working knowledge of the how the State Medical Board is formed and what its purpose is can help medical professionals maintain their essential licenses and requirements.

Ohio doctor's license suspension offers cautionary tale

Complaints of sexual misconduct make up only a small fraction of complaints to Ohio's medical board, but a recent case has brought one complaint to the forefront. It's a cautionary tale for medical professionals to stay within appropriate bounds of doctor-patient relationships - or face having their professional licenses suspended.


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