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Common misconceptions about the State Medical Board of Ohio

For a medical professional who wants to practice medicine in the state of Ohio, approval and licensure by the State Medical Board of Ohio is absolutely necessary. Without an appropriate license, medical practitioners cannot legally practice medicine for patients, no matter the practitioner's skill level or competence.

Unfortunately, many medical professionals do not completely understand the purpose and role of the State Medical Board and their misunderstandings can cost them their careers. Having a working knowledge of the how the State Medical Board is formed and what its purpose is can help medical professionals maintain their essential licenses and requirements.

What is the State Medical Board of Ohio?

The State Medical Board of Ohio is a board made up of twelve specific individuals. Of the twelve members, nine are physicians and three are not. One member of the board must be over 60 year old. Every member of the board is appointed by the governor of Ohio and then approved by the state Senate.

What is the primary role of the Board?

Despite what many medical practitioners think, the State Medical Board is not a very friendly institution for physicians. The main goals of the Board is to,

· Issue medical licenses

· Investigate claims of misconduct

· Discipline medical professionals

Because many medical practitioners do not think of the State Medical Board as a regulatory/disciplinary institution, they often feel comfortable sharing more information with the board than is needed. This casual over-sharing will very rarely contribute positively for a medical professional and actually impacts them negatively, more often than not.

What should medical practitioners do if they are being investigated?

If there is enough evidence for the Board to conduct an investigation into a medical practitioner's conduct, the practitioner should be somewhat concerned for their livelihood and the continuation of their practice. While it is not certain that they license will be suspended, revoked or that there will be legal consequences, it is a definite possibility.

Because of the potential for the damage or loss of an entire career, it is highly suggested that those who are confronted with issues regarding the State Medical Board obtain the services of a knowledgeable and experienced legal professional who specialized in these issues. The sooner a medical professional has solid legal representation, the lower the chances of a lost or damaged career.

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