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Protect yourself as you defend your medical license

Should you face the difficult task of defending your medical license, you must consider your strategies very carefully. If you do not navigate this issue well, you may forfeit your right to practice, and this may derail your entire career.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand how to interact with a review board properly, and cause themselves a great deal of difficulty. In some cases, a poor response to allegations that threaten a medical license can close the door on a case where a medical professional might have otherwise successfully defended their license and kept practicing.

No matter why you face the possibility of losing your license, you deserve to defend your right to practice medicine. Do not miss an opportunity to consult with an experienced attorney to understand the issues at hand and identify all your options before moving forward.

Don't underestimate the importance of your behavior

Many medical professionals fail to realize that the way they respond to allegations that threaten their medical licenses can greatly affect the outcome of an investigation or review process. It is useful to think of such circumstances the way one might if accused of financial fraud, for instance.

If you face allegations of wrongdoing or malpractice, your particular review board's job is to prove that you're guilty of the allegations. Too many medical professionals seem to think that the review board is always an impartial body, but it is often much more similar to the prosecution in a criminal case.

It is very wise to limit any behavior that may make you appear to be guilty. Unfortunately, if you appear guiltier than you truly are, you may end up paying a heavy price.

Anything that you say to the review board is absolutely considered in the case against you. Do not make the mistake of believing that the review board is on your side. Rather, build a defense strategy to protect your right to continue practicing under your professional license.

Remain calm and be silent

Understand the importance of limiting what you say. While you should certainly cooperate with the review board, you don't have to incriminate yourself while doing so. If your attorney advises you to remain mum about certain topics while you testify before the board, avoid speaking about the matter. This also applies to what you divulge to anyone else.

While this may seem extreme, it is a small price to pay to increase your chances of retaining your license to practice medicine and continuing to provide important care to those in need.

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